Mario Kart Tour Finally Gets Its Multiplayer Update This Month

Mario Kart Tour 3 Cropped

When the beta of Mario Kart Tour arrived on mobile devices last May, it didn’t take long for players around the world to work out that it didn’t actually include proper match-making. As we now know, the game grabs profiles of other players, which are then represented as CPU during a race.

Now, on 8th March, Mario Kart’s mobile outing on Android and iOS devices will finally add real multiplayer. This follows on from a Gold Pass subscriber beta test last December. This new mode will allow you to compete against seven other players (with friends or others nearby, or with racers from around the world).

Here are the full details from the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account:

Mario Kart Tour
Mario Kart Tour

Will you be trying out this new mode in the game when it arrives on 8th March? Are you still playing Mario Kart Tour on a regular basis? Tell us below.

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