Shoot ’em Ups Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles Come West This Year on PS4 and PC


Vertical shoot ’em up Ginga Force and side-scrolling shooter Natsuki Chronicles are making their way westward sometime this year for the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. To bring the titles over, developer Qute Corporation is working with Rising Star Games, which published Deadly Premonition in Europe.

Ginga Force originally launched in Japan in 2013 for the Xbox 360. The vertical shoot ’em up features a number of exciting game modes, including Story and Score Attack. Two pilots, Alex and Margaret, star in the title, each fighting for the planet of Seventia, an Earth-like body that houses rare resources known as Septonium.

With a 10-stage story mode, Ginga Force places an emphasis on the world’s drama. Gameplay is no slouch, either. Players will have access to three different types of ships, each of which packs unique brands of firepower. Weapon customization also rests at the heart of the experience, alongside special weapons and about 8,000 combinations. Enemies will especially bring the heat, courtesy of their unbelievably formidable Mechas.

Get a look at Ginga Force in the trailer below:

After several delays, Natsuki Chronicles originally launched for the Xbox One worldwide in 2019. Though this dramatic side-scrolling shooter shares a setting with Ginga Force, Natsuki Chronicles features its own unique cast of characters. The tale follows the backstory of the titular Natsuki, a rookie pilot. In addition to exploring present day happenings, players will see how this title’s events run parallel to those in Ginga Force.

See Natsuki Chronicles in action in the following announcement trailer:

[Source: Rising Star Games via Gematsu]

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