Hazel Sky’s ‘Heartfelt Adventure’ Will Force an Engineer to Face His Destiny


Hazel Sky is a “heartfelt adventure” from developer Coffee Addict Studio and publisher Another Indie (Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption). Players on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One will get to experience the adventure sometime this year. While the developer and publisher have yet to unveil a solid release date, Hazel Sky’s announcement does come with an intriguing reveal trailer.

Get a glimpse at the colorful world of Hazel Sky in the video below:

Hazel Sky follows a young trainee named Shane who must face his destiny. He’ll do so in Gideon, a flying city where engineers in his world venture to take trials in order to formally assume their desired role. In many respects, such a journey is considered a path of destiny, one that must be taken. If not, banishment serves as the only other option.

During his trials, Shane will connect via radio with a fellow engineer in training, Erin. Before long, the two will begin an “illicit friendship” that ultimately alters Shane’s worldview. With Hazel Sky’s trials and an unexpected romance, Coffee Addict Studio aims to weave a bittersweet love story, additionally complicated by a young man’s ambition and a society “on the brink of something new.”

While on Gideon, players will need to repair and build various flying machines. Such efforts won’t be for naught, as Shane will get to fly them. In traversing the trials, players will also uncover the fates of other trainees who traveled a similar path. Moreover, those who choose to explore the gorgeous world are bound to unearth insights about Gideon’s people.

[Source: Another Indie via Gematsu]

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