Expect Fewer Updates for Gran Turismo Sport This Year


It looks like Polyphony Digital’s ongoing support for Gran Turismo Sport will take a bit of a dive this year. Following next week’s patch, updates for the title are to become “modest in frequency and volume.” The studio has yet to specify a reason for such a change; however, it’s likely due to the team’s being hard at work on the next Gran Turismo entry.

Polyphony Digital’s CEO, Kaz Yamauchi, shared the news in a recent tweet on his personal Twitter account. See the post in question below:

Updates for Gran Turismo Sport have been rather consistent since its late 2017 launch, addressing bugs, as well as adding new cars and features. While Polyphony has yet to officially unveil the next installment, a few teases from Yamauchi himself do hint at the possibilities.

Last summer, for instance, the Polyphony boss divulged that he’d recently played previous entries in the franchise. That walk down memory lane may very well inspire future releases. “I think the next title that we’re going to create will be a combination of the past, present and future–a complete form of Gran Turismo,” he told GT Planet.

In a more recent interview, Yamauchi noted the studio’s desire to focus more on frame rate and less on resolution with future projects. If everything goes as intended, the next Gran Turismo could reach an impressive 240fps. Of course, we won’t know anything concrete until a formal announcement is made.

[Source: Kaz Yamauchi on Twitter]

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