Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a monthly paid subscription service called “Feh Pass”


A new Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Channel presentation has revealed a big change coming to the game. A monthly subscription service is coming soon, called a “Feh Pass”. It will cost $9.49/€11,49/£9.99/$15.49 a month. Those who subscribe can get 2 heroes a month, that are being called Resplendent Heroes. These characters are similar to the heroes that have been getting added, but they have +2 to all their stats and outfits from different kingdoms of the Fire Emblem universe. Lyn, with the garb of the Kingdom of Nifl and Cordelia, will be one of the first two Resplendent Heroes. Every Lyn: Lady of the Plains unit and Cordelia: Knight Paragon you have will be able to wear this outfit.

Other Feh Pass benefits include Special Feh Pass Quests that will be available twice every month, an auto-start feature that allows you to repeat maps until you run out of stamina, a re-act feature that lets you return to the beginning of the last turn or the current turn, and some expanded Summoner Support for 2 more units. Nintendo‘s Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Channel presentation video can be seen down below. If you only want to hear the Feh Pass info, that segment begins at the 11:46 mark of the video.

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