Descenders Brings Extreme Cycling to PlayStation 4 This Spring


Developer No More Robots‘ extreme mountain biking title Descenders will soon find a new home on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. In partnership with publisher Sold Out, No More Robots plans to release Descenders worldwide both digitally and physically for the two consoles. The digital and physical versions are slated to launch on an unspecified date this spring.

Descenders originally launch in May 2019 for the PC and Xbox One platforms. Described as “extreme downhill mountain biking for the modern era,” the title features procedurally generated worlds. As such, the game’s jumps and slopes change every time the player boots up Descenders.

For a better idea of what exactly this extreme sports title brings to the table, check out the multiplayer launch trailer from last year:

Descenders features “freestyle bike control,” allowing players to take control of every movement the bike rider makes. This is especially made possible by No More Robots’ rather impressive physics system. In addition, “special mutators” are regularly earned, which offer abilities that players can then tune to their preferred style of play. The Rep system for Descenders consists of an online component for those who want to publicly show off their extreme cycling prowess. Better still, the Rep system incorporates rewards in the form of new bikes and gear for the rider.

Riding in silence will not be a problem, either. Thanks to No More Robots’ partnership with drum and bass label Liquicity, Descenders comes packed with a fully licensed soundtrack. Apparently, it serves as the perfect music for mountainside bike rides.

[Source: Sold Out via Gematsu]

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