Dawn of Fear Debuts Its House of Horrors on PlayStation 4 Next Month


Spain’s PlayStation Talents initiative will soon see one of its projects release worldwide. Dawn of Fear from developer Brok3nsite and publisher Good Game Publishing will come to the PlayStation 4 digitally on February 3rd. At the time of writing, pricing information for the survival horror title is not yet available.

A third-person survival horror experience, Dawn of Fear is heavily inspired by classic horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Its influences are quite evident in the announcement trailer, which features in the video below:

Dawn of Fear stars Alex, a young man who’s known enough tragedy for several lifetimes. His mother perished after giving birth to him. Years later, his father remarried; out of this union came another child, Max. Tragedy struck once more when Alex, Max, and their father fell victim to a car accident, where only Alex survived. After grieving and slowly rebuilding his life, Alex finds himself ready to move on. His stepmother, however, isn’t able to manage as well, resulting in her eventual admission into a psychiatric hospital.

Within three years of these events, Alex’s stepmother passes away. Again, Alex must work toward moving on. Yet, a visit to his childhood home may prevent him from doing so. Instead of his family’s former abode, Alex enters a “world of madness and cruelty.” Horror permeates the house; to navigate it, the young man will need to solve puzzles, collect clues, and carefully manage resources.

2020 is looking to serve as another strong year for horror games. Resident Evil 3, for instance, hits stores on April 3rd. Little Nightmares 2 and Remothered: Broken Porcelain are also launching this year.

[Source: PlayStation, Gematsu]

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