NPD: There were more video games released on the Switch in 2019 than the Xbox One & Playstation 4 combined


The NPD Group’s monthly report doesn’t release until next week, but NPD analyst Mat Piscatella had discussed something interesting on Twitter the other day. Piscatella says that the NPD Group tracked “over 1,480 new releases on the Nintendo Switch in the US in 2019″. This is “over 400 more” than the Playstation 4 and Xbox One combined. Even Nintendo’s last successful console, the Wii, doesn’t come close. At this point in the Wii’s life, it didn’t even see 400 new releases. The massive fan demand for Switch games that has lasted its whole life so far, the console breaking sales records and the life of the console itself reaching its peak as the Playstation 4 and Xbox One’s life come to a close, have given Nintendo’s console a huge library of games. You can see Piscatella’s tweets about the matter down below.

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