Bluepoint Games Baits Us into More Speculation With Blue Cabbage and a Hidden Cartoon Goat


Whoever is running the Bluepoint Games Twitter account is having a lot of fun teasing fans and gaming news outlets who want nothing more than to know which highly anticipated remake/reimagining of a classic the studio is working on. And now they’ve given people one more thing to tear apart and speculate about.

Intentionally calling out the widely speculative users of ResetEra, Bluepoint tweeted out an image with the caption “Stay hungry.” Obviously the developer is having a lot of fun teasing fans, knowing that anything it posts will be put under the microscope.

All right, Bluepoint. You got us. So what’s in the image and what can we infer from it? It appears to be a loading or title screen of some kind, that speculation helped along immensely by the word “title” in the middle and the words “fast loading…” in the bottom right corner. The font doesn’t match up with any game logos that I’m aware of (but I’m sure internet sleuths will quickly point out why the font is significant.

The words “Fast Loading…” could be a reference to the PS5 and it’s incredibly fast load times developers have been touting, but it’s not news that Bluepoint’s next game is a PlayStation 5 release. We’ve known that for a while. What’s curious is the small image next to the words. What appears to be a blue flower is actually a cabbage. And it seems to have been sourced directly from this image on Harris Seeds (who is now probably wondering why there’s a sudden flood of traffic to that page on their site).

Bluepoint blue cabbage

Bluepoint’s teases have always been met with a lot of confirmation bias. Instead of trying to figure out what they could possibly mean, many people assume or hope it’s a Demon’s Souls remake and try to find how the clues back up that theory. In this case, one Twitter user is saying the blue cabbage could represent the lotus items from Demon’s Souls, but that seems like a bit of a stretch to me. Another person zoomed into the center of the cabbage, convinced they can see something in there. One fan says the image looks like the Demon’s Souls title card, which is just white text on a black background, another loose connection (and the wrong font).

Weirder still is what was found when people adjusted the exposure of the image, revealing a bizarre bulging-eyed cartoon goat in the background. I confirmed this myself, and just by adjusting the exposure values in Photoshop, got this image:

Bluepoint Games remaster remake tease goat

Does the goat actually mean anything? Or is it just Bluepoint poking fun at people who would go to those lengths to find clues to the next project? Bluepoint has been hard at work on whatever’s next for a while now, and they’ve said that it will be the achievement the studio is “most proud of.” Knowing the amazing quality that Bluepoint puts into remasters, remakes, and now reimaginings, fans want the studio to be working on bringing back specific games. The two most common requests are Demon’s Souls and Legend of Dragoon, though there are a few peppered guesses that believe it could be the original Metal Gear Solid.

Bluepoint has stated that this game will be a “re-envisioning,” taking it beyond the usual remasters and remakes that they’ve developed so far. We first learned that they would be working on a remake of a “classic” back in early 2018, but since then it’s been nothing but teases, vagueries, and cartoon goats.

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