RUMOR: Deleted PlayStation Brazil Tweet Suggested Overwatch 2 Will Launch This Year


Blizzard Entertainment formally announced Overwatch 2 late last year during BlizzCon. If a since-deleted tweet from PlayStation’s Brazilian account is to be believed, it may hit store shelves sooner than anticipated. According to said deleted Twitter post, fans could get their hands on the long-awaited Overwatch sequel as early as 2020.

Dot Esports spotted the PlayStation Brasil tweet prior to its unceremonious removal. Reportedly, the account teased (via translation) that “2020 will be the year Overwatch 2 arrives on PS4.” In addition, the tweet ended with a link to a Brazilian PlayStation Blog post about Overwatch 2 from this past November. At present, Blizzard has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors that have spawned from the since-deleted tweet.

During BlizzCon, the studio wasn’t willing to so much as tease a potential release window. When asked about when Overwatch 2 might hit stores, Game Director Jeff Kaplan said he didn’t know. It could be a pretty lengthy wait, though. Apparently, there is still a long road ahead on the development front. As such, fans should expect the project to return to BlizzCon later this year, even if this release date rumor just ends up being a mistake.

Overwatch-related fun isn’t on hold, though. The hero shooter’s original release will continue to receive updates and new content. New maps and a new hero are on the horizon, for instance. When players move over to Overwatch 2, all of their earned cosmetics will carry over with them. In fact, Overwatch and Overwatch 2 will have a shared online in order to grow the community and not leave players behind. The sequel is getting exclusive story content and character redesigns, however.

Whenever the sequel does launch, it will land on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Currently, there is no official word on whether Blizzard has plans for a version to appear on next-generation hardware, but considering backwards compatibility and the release timing, we can’t imagine why it wouldn’t.

[Source: PlayStation Brasil on Twitter via Dot Esports]

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