Nintendo has won an injunction against Team-Xecuter for selling & distributing modded Switch hardware & pirated games


Nintendo‘s war against copyright infringement, hacking and piracy continues, and the company has begun the new year with some good news. Nintendo has won an injunction against Team-Xecuter, a hacking group. Team-Xecuter released a Switch mod in early 2018 that enabled pirated games to be loaded into the console’s hardware. The games could be loaded onto console via the mod thanks to SD cards that contain the games, which Team-Xecuter sold. The injunction allegations did not include the modded NES Classic Edition that Team-Xecuter sold with over 800 games.

Team-Xecuter’s Sergio Moreno has been prohibited from “modifying, selling, renting, or distributing unauthorized copies of Nintendo technology, software, or trademarked material”. Moreno must destroy existing pirated software and modding devices, and provide some written certification to Nintendo that “circumvention software or devices, including but not limited to SX Pro or Trinket M0 chips, and/or illegal copies of games were in his or his agents’ possession at the date of the stipulated judgment and injunction or, if they were, have been destroyed”. The court ordered the parties involved to handled their on costs and attorney fees. Nobody, including the defendants, were fined. There were originally 10 John or Jane Does name in the suit, but these have been dismissed.


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