TheXboxHub’s Games of the Year 2019

Xbox One

In a world where, let’s face it, the guys over in Playstation world have the better choice in terms of console exclusives, Gears 5 is proof that Xbox still has some life in it, and could really ramp it up in the next generation.

With a beautifully crafted campaign centering around the personal struggles Kate Diaz faces, a strong return to form for classic Gears multiplayer, a new cooperative experience that goes by the name of Escape and the all-important Gears staple of Horde mode, Gears 5 is the complete package for anyone looking to see how a big-budget third person shooter should be made. There’s no messing about with tacked-on online modes, or conversely the campaign being shoved aside in place of what could be a more lucrative multiplayer-oriented focus, but instead The Coalition have instilled love and passion into every single ounce of Gears 5.

And Gears 5 cannot be written about without mentioning the visuals, and there’s a reason as to why it is used in a large proportion of Xbox promotional material. The 4K and HDR graphics look simply stunning, and are another contributor towards making Gears 5 the ultimate in video games.

But, ultimately, for all the fancy-new looks, gripping storyline and in-depth modes, Gears 5 is still full to the brim of all that Gears goodness that we have been getting for over a decade now. And that goodness is blood, chainsaws and gore… isn’t that really all we’re asking for?

Congratulations to Gears 5 – it was a close run, but you are TheXboxHub’s Game of the Year for 2019! Naturally, the Internet loves to have its say on such awards, so make sure you provide your opinion down in the comments section below. Oh – and if you are picking up any of these titles then make sure to head on down to the Xbox Store.

Also if you want to take a look at the opposite side of this coin, the worst Xbox One games of 2019, then we’ve got an article sorted for you.

From all of us at TheXboxHub – have a happy new year and we’ll see you for a massive 2020!

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