GungHo President says that Ninjala is akin to e-sports and will be fun for all ages


GungHo, the team behind the smash hit Puzzle & Dragons franchise, have a new game in the works called Ninjala which they also hope will be a similar success. Ninjala is a colourful multiplayer title staring Ninja’s and will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch worldwide next spring. Speaking to The Nikkei the company says that it’s a game that suits all age groups and it sounds like they will be pitching it as an e-sports title.

Ninjala, as the multiplayer beat-’em-up is called, places users in vastly navigable online settings. Players run up walls and battle each other across virtual towns using explosive “bubblegum ninjutsu.” The game is due for a global release next spring.

“People of all ages can have fun as if they’re playing grass-lot baseball, and the additional content will be very satisfying to seasoned gamers,” said GungHo President Kazuki Morishita, who added that Ninjala is akin to e-sports.


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