Amazon Hasn’t Considered Consoles for Its MMO ‘New World’ Because It’s Pushing Graphics


Amazon Game Studios recently unveiled its MMO, New World, for PC. For those wondering whether the game will ever make it to consoles or not, the developer has said that it hasn’t even considered the platform because the team is focusing on “pushing graphics as far as we can.”

“I love console development, I’ve made a lot of console games, [but] on this we’re pushing the graphics as far as we can,” game director Scot Lane told Eurogamer. “That’s one of the big things we want to bring to the genre: to make a different-looking MMO than you’ve seen. And I think our combat at scale: there’s a lot of things we can push because as PCs get more powerful, it allows us to add more and more to it over time.”

It’s unclear of Lane is talking about current-gen consoles or next-gen hardware, dev kits for which have made their way to developers.

Recent rumors suggest that Amazon is going to make another attempt at competing in the games industry with its own streaming service similar to Google’s Stadia. Amazon refused to comment on the rumor but it was corroborated by several high-profile publications.

Apparently, the company has been hiring industry veterans like Google has been this year to help push the initiative. Analysts believe that Amazon might compete with the likes of PlayStation 5 and the recently-unveiled Xbox Series X. Both Sony and Microsoft are planning to launch their next-gen hardware in 2020.

If these reports are anything to go by, we’ll likely hear about Amazon’s new venture very soon.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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