The Latest Patch For Civilization VI On Switch Resolves Victory Crashes


Last week, you might recall an issue affecting the Switch version of Civilization VI, which resulted in the game crashing right before a victory. The development team was quick to provide an official response, explaining how you had to “declare war” against the crash-causing civilization before the end of your turn.

Thankfully, you shouldn’t have to worry about your game crashing anymore. A new patch now available for the Switch version means you can now load up your existing saves and win. That’s provided you don’t load up an old one and try to claim a cultural victory. Fortunately, there are “no issues” with new game saves.

Here’s a full explanation by a user over on the Civ subreddit:

Fellow Nintendo Switch players— there is a new patch today and it appears to have fixed the major “crash on victory” problem. Since I noticed the problem I’ve been hording save files one turn until victory, and with the new patch I’ve been loading them up one by one and three so far have successfully finished the game.

I had another problem where my hall of fame would randomly disappear — haven’t been able to fully investigate that yet. Hopefully it stopped vanishing as well.

Edit #1: Domination, Religious, Science victories all working normally now with the saves I had waiting a turn before victory. Cultural victories, however, are not. Had cultural victories ready for Kongo, Egypt, and Persia, but none of them work. Games continue as normal, despite having more than enough foreign tourists for victories to trigger. Can’t tell if it’s only on previous saves or if cultural victories won’t work for new games either. Will find out soon, I guess, since cultural is my favorite victory method.

Edit #2: Happy to report that I just finished a new quick game where I got a cultural victory with China with no issues, so it appears to just effect cultural victories of old saves! Hooray!

Various other users on the subreddit have also stated how the patch has now resolved their own in-game problems. To read more about this issue and the statement provided by the game’s developer, check out the original story.

How has your experience been with Civ on the Switch since this patch came out? Comment down below.

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