New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Airs at The Game Awards 2019


March can’t come soon enough for the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will be the start of a few games retelling and expanding the story of Final Fantasy VII, a beloved classic. While you wait, however, The Game Awards 2019 pre-show played host to a brand new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer. There’s not much here that we haven’t seen before, but it does manage to show us a lot more of the game’s more intimate story moments, as well as a number of exciting action scenes.

Take a look at the full trailer below:

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be the first part of the saga, encompassing the Midgar chapter of the original. The rest of the story will be told in subsequent chapters, however, Square Enix wants fans to know that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a complete full-length game itself. It’s currently unknown when we’ll start hearing more about the second part, but for now, we can enjoy all these interactions with Cloud, Tifa, Aeris, and the rest of the case (at least the ones that show up during the Midgar chapter).

For more announcements from The Game Awards 2019, make sure to check out our hub page featuring all of tonight’s announcements and more in the coming days. There are still plenty of big announcements to come, and we’ve already seen exciting things like Phil Spencer announcing and showing the next Xbox. Stay tuned for more.

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