Combine Genres in SuperMash, a Unique Game Where Video Games Create Video Games


If you’ve ever seen two games and thought it would be a rad idea to just combine them into one, the newly announced SuperMash may be worth keeping an eye on. A unique premise where you need to mash two genres together to create a game, all in the effort of saving a video game store. The game was announced today and immediately released on PC via the Epic Games Store, with a console version coming in 2020.

The way it works is simple. You create games, or “mashes” as they’re called here, by picking two of six genres and mashing them together. At launch, SuperMash features six different genres: JRPG, platformer, stealth, SHMUP, metroidvania, and action-adventure. If you ever wanted to see how a JRPG character would play in a SHMUP, then this may be a combination worth playing. Better yet, you have the ability to edit these to get a few particular elements in. As you complete mashes you’ll unlock dev cards, and you can use these cards to make smaller adjustments. Think putting a stealth-based enemy in your action-adventure metroidvania would be cool? Want a JRPG boss in your platforming SHMUP? There’s plenty of choices.

If you happen to make a mash you’re particularly proud of, you can offer it online for other players to download and try out. You can also sell these mashes in your in-game store—another metagame part of SuperMash—taking on requests from customers to try and make a mash that may sell well. Ultimately, you’re going to have to try and save your store from a “nefarious threat,” so be ready to put out some popular content.

SuperMash is being developed by Digital Continue, the studio created by Joesph Tringali after he left Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell. Their first game was a remaster of 2008’s Nintendo DS tower defense classic Lock’s Quest, which came out in 2017. They followed up the next year with top-down co-op action game Next Up Hero and experimental 2D platformer JumpStream. SuperMash is available now on PC, due out for consoles sometime in 2020.

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