Pillars of Eternity II Coming to PS4 Next Month with all DLC, Special Edition with Big Statue


Tactical roleplaying game Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire will finally be making its way to consoles next month after being announced earlier this year. Set for a January 28th, 2020, release date, there will be both a standard release and an Ultimate Collector’s Edition that will come with several extra goodies. No matter which version of the game you get, you’ll get all three DLC campaigns, meaning you’re adding a solid chunk of extra content to an already lengthy game. For the standard edition, you’ll be looking at dropping $59.99 for the game and three DLC campaign expansions.

If you want to go all out for the Ultimate Collector’s Edition, expect to pay $129.99. In turn, you’ll be getting quite a bit more for that extra cash. The biggest goodie takes the form of a 10″ statue of Od Nua. Once a kind king, Od Nua went mad after his son died and proceeded to make many questionable and ethically dubious decisions. After an assassination attempt on the king by rebel forces, he spent 2,000 years trapped in a crystal prison, slowly going madder and awaiting death. Naturally, you’ll want to keep a piece of the trapped king on your shelf with the Collector’s Edition statue. Beyond the centerpiece, you’ll also get a nifty sticker with the game’s logo, a keychain depicting the Spacepig, and, of course, a cool box to keep it all in.

There’s a good chance this may be Obsidian Entertainment’s last game on both the PlayStation 4 and any future Sony consoles. The studio was acquired by Microsoft near the end of 2018, but they still had to finish both The Outer Worlds, which was published by Private Division, and the console port of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, which is being handled by THQ Nordic, before they are entirely under Microsoft’s care. Obsidian is currently working on Grounded, an action survival game for PC and Xbox One.

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